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With the transition into adulthood, many teens and young adults begin to seek and rely on help from friends. When it comes to mental health matters, it is no different.

If you think that a friend may be having thoughts of suicide, don’t be afraid to say something. Talking about suicide does not increase the risk of it happening. Instead, it helps someone know that you care and are willing to listen.


What to do if a friend comes to you for help

Don’t panic! Remain calm and remember that you can help.
Listen carefully. Let your friend know that you care. Be supportive and don’t judge them.
Take it seriously.
Seek help. Get a trusted adult to help you.
Ask if they are thinking about suicide.
Do not leave your friend alone. If you cannot stay with them, find someone you trust.

What NOT to do if a friend comes to you for help

Don’t promise to keep it a secret. It is important to get help.
Don’t be afraid to ask them directly.
Don’t say “I know how you feel”. Listen openly to what they have to say. Make it about them.
Don’t suggest that something is “wrong” with them because they feel this way.
Don’t ignore your friend. It takes courage to ask for help and they chose you.

How to start the conversation

Ask if you can talk with them alone in private.
Ask questions to get them to open up.

  • "I'm worried about you. How are you doing?”

  • “You haven’t been acting like yourself lately. Is everything okay?”

  • “You seem really down. Are you okay?”

Listen to their story and allow them to talk freely.
Express concern and caring. Ask if they have thought about ending their life.

  • “Are you thinking about suicide?”

  • “Do you want to kill yourself?”

Have resources available and encourage them to seek mental health services.

  • “Seeking help can take courage, but it’s the smart thing to do.”

  • “I know reaching out for help can be scary, but I want to help you.”


TEXT "IN" TO 741741 OR CALL 800.273.8255



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